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Yesterday, Seal made headlines after he told TMZ that he believed his ex-wife Heidi Klum had been cheating on him with her bodyguard.

He told the site that he believes their affair started before him and Heidi parted ways, let alone finalized their divorce.

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Now, Heidi is finally getting a chance to speak out against the claims.

According to TMZ, the Victoria’s Secret model is telling friends that she never cheated on Seal and their their relationship was “strictly professional” while she was with Seal.

Since their break up, friends also told the site that the bodyguard and Heidi had gotten “very close” since he has helped her through ending her marriage.

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Apparently, their relationship now is just “undefined”. The friend told the site:

It’s sad but not surprising that he would resort to making excuses for their divorce when the real reason is looking him in the mirror.”

It looks like this is getting a bit too messy, but we hope Heidi and Seal can work it out for the sake of their kids!

Do you guys believe Heidi cheated?