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The fight to legalize it continues! Prince Ea just dropped a creative new video for his song “Smoking Weed with the President” to bring awareness to the history of “Marijuanna.” Prince Ea is not only a rapper, but he is also an activist and founder of Make SMART Cool. 

DETAILS: Oh Damn! Heavy Weed Consumption Lowers IQ! 

Prince Ea discusses the history of weed and how President Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics used lies, racism and political opportunism to criminalize marijuana. He even discusses the benefits of legalizing it and how it can help the country, addressing how arbitrarily drugs become illegal or not. The track features an uncanny impersonation of Obama and his “opinions” on the matter.

DETAILS: Up In Smoke! NYC Gov’s Marijuana Bill Gets Burnt Up! 

This version of the video is being released to raise money on Indiegogo to shoot a music video. Check it out!