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It’s no secret that the gang wars and unsolved shootings in Chicago have become an epidemic, and no one has been able to find a solution to the city’s bloody violence.

In Chicago, a 60 percent increase in homicides affected the Windy City in the first three months of 2012 alone.

These staggering numbers have triggered community leaders and young people to find new ways of ending the violence.

So in an effort to do something, a new social movement is being implemented to tackle the ongoing gun violence.

#WhatIfChicago is a new Twitter experiment that hooks up everyone from Ceasefire, the Interrupters, the Police, community leaders, and anyone else who wants to stop the violence.

The goal is for everyone to participate and bring comprehensive ideas in an effort to get guns off our streets.

Anyone who Tweets an idea to #WhatIfChicago will get heard. The best ideas will be presented at Chicago Ideas Week this October. And those ideas will be discussed by an expert panel of journalists, hip-hop moguls, police superintendents, and violence experts from Harvard. Ideally, the best ideas will get put into action.

But the experts canʼt do it alone. #WhatIfChicago was born because only Chicago can heal Chicago.

Do your part and get involved, spread your ideas to make Chicago better!