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Dear The Next Amanda Todd,

As a victim of severe bullying, I feel for you. I can’t help but reach out to you after the case of Amanda having left a horrible taste in my mouth.

While someone like myself was unable to help Amanda overcome her emotional pain before it was too late, maybe somehow, I can ease yours. 

After going through something as traumatizing as bullying, you probably feel a loss of hope and faith in society. You might be feeling like there’s nowhere to turn, making you want to give into your own terrorized thoughts.

Those surrounding you could be just waiting for your downfall and for you to treat yourself as badly as they treat you. But you know what I say?

Screw them and their wants.

I’ve been through my own cases of bullying, and I can tell you, the experience can be as much of a blessing as it is a curse.

First of all, putting up with this horrid treatment, and having to face your fears of not being accepted on a constant basis everyday, proves that you are on a level so above those hurting you, that they will never have the capability of reaching. You are your own godly figure, and a hero to the rest of society just for getting through the day under those circumstances.

Whether the perpetrators have money, a family, or a genius-level talent, at the end of the day, the one thing they don’t have, and probably never will, is their dignity.

You need to know that you are not to blame in this battle you’re facing against yourself. It’s not your fault that you have to take on the battle that’s being instigated by those around you.

There is an ongoing war between good and evil in this world, and as humans, we have to face the evil in order to understand what the good is. The peers that have chosen you as a target are part of that evil, making you part of the good. You have the chance to teach them a lesson of their own. While they might want to hurt you with their fists, you can hurt them in return with one strategy: killing them with kindness.

The bruises and scratches on your body that they caused might leave a physical and emotional scar on your body, but by overcoming their immaturity, it will leave their own pain as an open wound that may never heal.

Through my own experiences so far in life, I’ve come to finally believe that every painful experience on this Earth can be overcome. I believe it’s all just a test we have to prepare for, take, and pass, in order to live a fulfilling life.

Your life’s worth isn’t necessarily determined by how many friends you have and how popular you are. It’s mostly determined by how you are able to overcome the obstacles put in front of you, and how much stronger you come out of the toughest situations.

There is a good chance that the strongest human on this Earth is one that has been through the most trauma and has been the least loved by those around them.

As long as you keep your heart big, your faith in tact, and your eyes open with a bright smile to match, you can walk through the darkest clouds.

Don’t give up now, because once you’re at rock bottom, up is the only direction to go!

Lindsey India

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