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No artist ever starts as a great success, so you can imagine that when a good amount of the general public readily recognizes your work as a creative mind, you’ve reached a certain level of success.

For RETNA, it’s been a long time coming. The street artist recently caught the attention of a lot more people when he painted a gigantic mural on Bowery and Houston in New York City. One of the companies who RETNA caught the attention of was none other than French luxury brand Louis Vuitton

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Vuitton has collaborated with different artists ranging from the late Stephen Sprouse, to Takashi Murakami, and Richard Prince, and most recently with Yayoi Kusama.

Although Louis Vuitton has not sent out an official release yet, RETNA painted the new Louis Vuitton storefront in the trendy Miami Design District. 

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RETNA was also photographed wearing a scarf with his highly recognizable hieroglyphic-like artwork and the Louis Vuitton signature logo. Even though there’s only a scarf in what we expect to be a full collection, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Check out some of the first pictures of this new collaborative effort by clicking through the gallery above.