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As we the election looms closer and closer, it seems that the Republican talking points this week have all had to do with race!

It’s as though Republicans aren’t getting anywhere with trying to oust President Barack Obama from the White House, so they’ve gone back to their old bread and butter tactics: race baiting. 

This whole week, the Republican Party and accompanying right-wingers gone out of their way to remind everyone, in case they forgot, that President Barack Obama is black. 

The racial cord was struck on Monday, when real estate mogul Donald Trump announced he was going to make a huge announcement on Wednesday that would have an impact on the election.

As it turned out, Trump wants Obama’s school and passport records and in exchange he’ll give $5 million to any Chicago charity of Obama’s choosing.

His reasoning? In his words:

“President Obama is the least transparent President in the history of this country…If he releases these records, the American people will know something about their President…he’ll become transparent, like other Presidents.”

Yesterday I wrote that this is nothing but coded racism, just replace the word “transparent” with “white,” and you’ll see what Trump is really talking about.


Which takes us to the darling of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The failed reality star and former Vice Presidential Candidate wrote an op-ed piece on her Facebook page titled: “Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies” in which she criticized President Obama and the White House for their handling of the American consulate attack in Libya.

First, the term “Shuck and Jive” is being used to say that he (Obama) is trying to dance his way out of explaining what happened at the American consulate attack in Libya, even though the President said at the debate it’s offensive to play party politics when we’ve lost four Americans.

As for the “Shuck and Jive” phrase, the etymological origins of the verb shuck: Since 1819, it has meant to husk corn, and more broadly to engage in “the capers associated with husking frolics,” such as “fooling” and “deceiving.” And who were the ones shucking corn? Slaves. 



Lastly, we go to Mitt Romney’s Campaign Co-Chair and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who told CNN’s Piers Morgan that the former Secretary Of State Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because they share the same skin color.

In other words, Powell is voting for him because he’s black. Sununu later apologized for his gaffe and said that he and Powell are friends.

Here’s Sununu’s full comment:

“You have to wonder whether that’s an endorsement based on issues or that he’s got a slightly different reason for President Obama,” said Sununu.

Morgan followed up asking, “What reason would that be?” 

“Well, I think that when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being President of the United States — I applaud Colin for standing with him,” answered Sununu.

First he’s making a stupid assumption and reducing a four-star general of the United States Army to someone who’s voting for Obama because he’s black.

Second, there’s no other reason why Powell is voting for Obama Mr. Sununu … none?

It’s amazing how Republicans can pluck the strings of racism just to garner attention, whether it is good or bad. These days it doesn’t matter anymore, just as long as they make headlines.


Shaka Griffith is the News/Politics Editor of Follow him on Twitter and send your thoughts, rants and outburst to @Darealshaka

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