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After their Halloween special aired on Tuesday, Pretty Little Liars had the world hanging on asking for more. Flaunt Magazine complied with a perfectly timed cover shoot!

Saucy Shay Mitchell plays girl-loving Emily on PLL, but in real life, she plays nothing but a sexy actress trying to impact others with her roles. 

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In the corresponding interview, Shay opened up about playing the role of someone struggling with their sexuality, and revealed that she doesn’t want to play the role model role off camera. 

Check out some excerpts from her interview below: 

On her acting goals:

“For me, [my goal] was always just to be really happy and excited about what it was that I was a part of. I didn’t want to act just to act: I wanted to always be excited about it—a script or the show itself. Knowing that I was going to be playing Emily Fields—a girl struggling with her sexuality—took it to another level for me. It’s fun to entertain people, and I love doing that, but it’s a whole other realm—and, for me, ten times better—when I can actually make a small impact on somebody watching.”

On the public’s reaction to her show Pretty Little Liars:

“It’s very flattering when I hear that people look up to me, but I honestly don’t strive to be a role model. I can only be the best version of myself, and that’s all that I’m trying to do. I believe that your sexual orientation does not define who you are, and if people think that that’s something that’s noteworthy and something to look up to, then that’s great. I’m so lucky to have been brought up in a home where skin colour, religion—none of that mattered. What mattered was how a person treated you and how they treated others. I didn’t have to think twice about playing this role or worrying what people were going to think.

Check out Shay’s saucy shoot in the gallery above. 

SOURCE: Flaunt Magazine 

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