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Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and Real Housewives Of Atlanta created a benchmark for entertaining reality TV based out of the Peach State. 

Q Parker Talks Relationships With Friends With Benefits 

But it looks like new program Big Rich Atlanta is turning it all the way up, after a savage beating forced one cast member to quit the show. 

Model Ashley Wilson Hawn quit the show after being brutally beat by another cast member. RadarOnline reports:

Khadijah Rowe, who is Q Parker from 112’s stepdaughter, “beat” Hawn “ripping chunks of hair from her head, tearing her clothes off and throwing her to the ground,” a show insider claims.

The drama started October 2 at the Havana Club in Atlanta when Ashley was celebrating her birthday. The source says that’s when Khadijah stuck “her fingers in Ashlee’s birthday cake.”

So disrespectful.

So Ashlee went up to her and said: ‘Why would you do that?’ Khadijah got irate and started screaming at Ashlee calling her a bitch and a mother***er and saying: ‘I’m gonna kick your ass’.”

“Ashlee was 2 feet from her and that’s when Khadijah lunged, grabbed her ponytail and pulled it all the way down.

“She ripped off the left side of Ashlee’s dress, pulled her hair out and dragged her along the ground.

“One of Ashlee’s friends had to pry Khadijah’s fingers from her head one by one because she just wouldn’t let go.”

This isn’t the first time the two girls went at it, but producers forced the two girls to interact.

“Ashlee didn’t even want to invite Khadijah to her birthday party. She sat the producers down the night before and said: ‘She’s going to end up hurting me very, very badly.’

They promised her Khadijah wouldn’t lay a single finger on her but 15 minutes into her birthday party, Ashlee was brutally attacked.

SOURCE: Radar Online: Photo Credit: RadarOnline & Exclusive Access