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“Where’s the cream-filling?” That’s the iconic question everyone will be asking soon enough! Earlier it was announced that Hostess Brands Inc. would be going out of business and liquidating its assets.

DETAILS: Nooo! Twinkies, Wonder Bread & Ding Dongs Going Out Of Business!

This would mean the loss of over 18,000 employees, as well as one’s childhood.

Now the loss of one’s childhood may seem like a bit of an overstatement, but Hostess is responsible for Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, and that golden sponge cake encompassing creamy goodness that’s been said to withstand the test of time – Yeah, the TWINKIE

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And who hasn’t devoured a Twinkie – two Twinkies – at some point in their life, especially as kids?

Although some brands will possibly survive post-Hostess, it’s likely fans of the Twinkie will have to lick their lips in nostalgia, and remember that once upon a time we lived in a land where the tasty treat existed all across the land. 

That is why GlobalGrind compiled a list of celebrities who might very well want to enjoy one last bite – one last time – before they’re forced to say goodbye forever: From Justin Bieber to K Stew.

Check out the list down below!

K Stew doesn’t want to say goodbye to her beloved Twinkies.

Justin will have one less post-breakup food to snack on.

Kristen Bell is shocked she won’t be eating anymore Twinkies.

Kim doesn’t mind.

Emma Watson doesn’t either.

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