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Maia Campbell went from having a very promising acting and modeling career to a drug addict, running around in the street looking for her next hit.

She was so honest about losing her daughter, dealing with being addicted to dope, and being diagnosed as bipolar on the latest episode of Fix My Fallen Star that it brought me, and many others who watched, to tears.

Though this young woman claims she has been sober for two years now, it is easy to see that her heart is not clean.

She is dealing with demons and though Iyanla Vanzant may have helped her graze the surface of these issues, in her eyes you can see that she is nowhere near healed.

Still, Maia is actively attempting to get back into entertainment. She has cable show opportunities lined up, she is consciously sharing her past with the public, but she is doing this at a time when it may be a better idea for her to heal privately.

People have to remember that not only does she have an issue with drugs, her mental health is in jeopardy as well.

That being said, the entertainment industry, in general, may not be the best situation for her right now. The last thing Maia needs at this emotional point in her life is a producer picking on her about her weight and taking up most of her time when she could be reconnecting with her daughter instead.

There is an extreme amount of criticism involved in the cut-throat industry of entertainment and anybody who watched can see that Maia is absolutely not at the level where she can take people attempting to tear her down.

She isn’t ready for the hate tweets, the criticism, and the random acts of inconsideration.

Maybe one day she will be, but the desperation in her voice made it almost obvious that all she can handle, all she needs at this point, is a positive support system that can help her appreciate and love herself as much as possible.

Honestly, Iyanla Vanzant should have worked with her privately. There are many ways to confront your problems without having the entire world tune in.

I’m sure someone as wise as she realizes that Maia Campbell is in no place to, mentally, deal with what comes next. I think the whole world could see she has a lot more healing to do before she is completely stable.

What’s most important right now is her full recovery, mental stability, and being able to rebuild a positive foundation with her family… not that she revive her acting and modeling career.

Let’s steer her in the right direction!


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