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Sure, it’s not an actual car, but wouldn’t it be cool if you hailed a cab and the one that stopped for you was a Delorean? As the doors lift up, you’d be wondering if you were going downtown or back in time!

VIDEO: Welcome To The Future! The Delorean’s First Test Drive Before The 2013 Release!

Mike Lubrano, a visual artist whose clients include Nooka Watches, Viva Paper Towels and Oreos – mocked up a conceptual New York City cab that looks like the famous time machine from Back To The Future for the movie’s 25th anniversary.

PHOTOS: DMC Delorean Travels Through Time & Winds Up At The NY Auto Show

The cab, which obviously doesn’t take you back in time, looks exactly like the car from the movie, except it’s painted yellow and has the cab sign on top of it. Although the pictures make it seem like the cab will be an odd collaboration with Nooka Watches, Mike’s website proves otherwise. Check out NYC’s coolest cab in the gallery above.

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