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Oh, ratchet. 

Ratchet was probably the most used adjective, noun, and verb in 2012.

Not having a specific definition in Webster Dictionary, we can’t even tell you a flat out definition of ratchet, but we know ratchet when we see it. 

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If you have “duck lips” in your picture, own any variation of weave that’s the color of the rainbow, have more than one baby father, live and die by 2 Chainz lyrics, roll your neck every waking moment, get excited about Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits, or if your one-month-old baby has every pair of Jordans, but you still live in the projects, than you’re probably ratchet. 

The ratchet movement officially kicked off earlier this year when YouTube sensations, Emmanuel and Philip Hudson, debuted the “Ratchet Girl Anthem.”

From Sweet Brown’s “nobody got time for bronchitis” interview on Oklahoma’s KFOR news station, to the arrival of America’s ratchet sweetheart, Honey Boo Boo, GlobalGrind has every ratchet moment, statement, action, and declaration of 2012. 

Countdown the top 12 ratchet moments of 2012 below!

12. Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee. 

What can we say about Katt Williams, except that this man has gone above and beyond the call of ratchet. From slapping a Target employee in the face, to hitting fans in the head with microphones, Katt Williams’ wild and ratchet antics have landed him at the number 12 spot. 

11. Stevie J’s Rat Face 

The emergence of Stevie J and the endless amount of ratchet reality TV Vh1 provides to the world on a weekly basis has scarred American society forever. Out of all of the fights, bottle throwing, and shouting matches, there’s only one thing that stands above the rest: Stevie J’s rat face. 

10. Gunplay vs. G-Unit and Young Jeezy vs. Rick Ross backstage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards

Award ceremonies are time for celebration, not fighting. Can someone please pass Gunplay, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and the whole G-Unit the memo? 



9. Lil Wayne’s Deposition Video

Lil Wayne doesn’t recall a lot of things, but he should recall this ratchet f*ckery. 

8. Serena Williams Crip Walks At The Olympics

Just when black people start progressing in society, Wimbledon champion Serena Williams does the crip walk. 

7. Brian McKnight Debuts “If You’re Ready To Learn (Show You How Your Pussy Works)” 

This ratchetness…no words. 

6. Head on the 6 Train In New York City 

Six isn’t typically a lucky number, but New York City’s 6 train is a lucky train. This video of two young women giving their boyfriends a little 6 train loving surfaced on WorldStarHipHop, and we must say, we were surprised such ratchetness goes down on the train. CLICK HERE to see the video. 

5. Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial

“Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce/three cheeses, ranch dressing/ wrapped up in a tasty flour tortilla.” 

Enough said. 

4. Chief Keef’s “Gettin Tip” and every picture he Instagrams

Bitches Love Sosa, and Sosa loves Instagram. Chief Keef has to be the most ratchet artist in music, who in turn, loves to post the most ratchet pictures on Instagram. 

Chief Keef’s addiction to posting ratchet pictures like the one above actually got him removed from the social media site, but he returned, exchanging his fellatio pictures for more refined ratchet pictures. CLICK HERE to see the pic. 

3. Honey Boo Boo

Money makes the world go ’round, and a dolla makes Honey Boo Boo holla!

This chubby, self-proclaimed 7-year-old redneck took reality TV by storm with her burping, farting, pageant-losing, redneck antics, and despite being disturbed by the way her extreme couponing mother lives, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is one of those shows we all love to hate. 

2. Sweet Brown- “No Time For Bronchitis”  

Lord Jesus it’s a fire and it’s a ratchet! Many people don’t have time for bronchitis, but YouTube sensation Sweet Brown really ain’t got time for bronchitis. 

1. RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts Female Passenger In Cleveland

The uppercut heard around the world didn’t go down at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand during a heavyweight boxing match, the jaw-dropping punch transpired on a Cleveland RTA bus. Phrases like “You going to jail now!” and “She want to act like a man, so I’ma treat her like a man” still rings in the background of this horribly ratchet video. 

Despite the uproar our number one pick caused this year, fortunately no one died and all parties involved have moved on. 

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