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Joseline was living the life as she celebrated her 26th birthday party at Jungle in Atlanta, last Friday. 

She seemed to be in a good mood, but that all turned sour when Tamar and Claudia Jordan took shots at her during the premiere of Tiny’s new talk show called Tiny Tonight. 

The topic of reality TV came up, and Claudia and Tamar went back to the old nasty rumors that Joseline was a man. So of course, the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star quickly took to Twitter to light them up. She tweeted, “I fight old hoes.” 

Joseline, never one to hold her tongue, didn’t stop there. She eventually got on Claudia Jordan as well: 

Joseline kept the argument going throughout the show, closing out her rant: 

“These throwback ho$& is clowns! Say something bout me I’m going to go in on you publicly with a vengeance I don’t give a f$&@! Respect who”

Meanwhile, Tamar threw Claudia under the bus and retweeted several jabs at Claudia Jordan as well.

This whole thing is getting out of control. Let’s hope they can keep their comments on Twitter…and things don’t get out of hand. 

Check out photos from Joseline’s birthday in our accompanying gallery.