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And this, my friend, is how rumors get started.

DETAILS: Big Bang Theory? Geneticist To Study Shooter Adam Lanza’s DNA For Possible Motive 

Jonathan Lee Riches drove to Newtown Conn. two days after the shooting and posted up at one of the many memorial sites, telling people he was “Jonathan Lanza,” Adam Lanza’s uncle. When The New York Daily News interviewed Lanza…or Riches…he told them that Adam Lanza had been prescribed Fanapt, an antipsychotic drug.

The paper, naturally, ran the story because they had a credible source…right?

Wrong. After learning Riches was in fact a phony, the NY Daily News had to remove the story, but rumors of Adam Lanza’s mental illness and motives were already swirling (some in part due to Riches, but mostly from bits and pieces of information regarding the case that authorities have yet to confirm).

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Riches was arrested a few days later — for violating federal probation and skipping town to Connecticut. Riches is currently serving five-years probation for conspiracy and wire fraud, and the terms prohibit him from leaving the judicial boundaries of Pennsylvania’s Eastern District without permission.

Clearly Riches isn’t a stranger to crime. Or drama for that matter.

Apparently he’s gotten himself into a bunch of bizarre situations, according to the Huffington Post:

Earlier this year, he filed a suit against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, claiming he stumbled upon them at an Al-Qaeda “secret training camp.” He also alleged that Kim Kardashian had taken his virginity.

According to the Spokesman, Riches has also filed lawsuits against the Eiffel Tower, the Lincoln Memorial, James Hoffa, “Various Buddhist Monks” and Nostradamus.

In 2009, he even sued Guinness World Records for allegedly intending to name him the world’s “most litigious” person, the Associated Press reported.

In Riches v. the Guinness Book of Records, he claimed Guinness had sent him a letter about the record, and that the organization was going to call him names like “the Patrick Ewing of Suing,” and that those epithets “hurt my feelings and violate my civil rights.”

Um. Wow dude. Get it together.

SOURCE: Huffington Post