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We’ve all heard the story. You were checking your phone in the bathroom and it fell into the sink or even worse, the toilet. Maybe you got a bit overzealous and forgot that your phone was in your pants when you jumped into the pool or ocean. The normal outcome is that your phone is ruined and you either have to spend the next day making an attempt to dry it, or figuring out how you are going to get a new one. 

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But Liquipel is now putting an end to your suffering by offering a new way of waterproofing your phone without buying some sort of cover or clip-on apparatus. The California-based company has come up with a special coating technology to protect any device that you feel might come into contact with water.

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Although Liquipel protects your device from water damage, they still do not suggest you purposely submerge your phone in water! Since the company is located in California, chances are you will have to send your phone out to get coated, and once it’s finished they will send it back to you. For a more detailed look of how Liquipel works, you can either head over to their website, or check out the video above.

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