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Like many other inventive thinkers, Max Osborne’s creative process when he approaches design is an intricate one. There are a number of elements that allow his brand Public School’s blend of New York grit with a side of European tailoring and Japanese streetwear, to be an effective one that appeals to the masses. And Max Osborne’s innovative efficiency is one of the leading factors.

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As one of the few leading African American male designers in the industry, Max is sure to leave a mark on not only the fashion world, but also an impression on what’s considered cutting edge male fashion. Much like fans of the Prius, those who appreciate Max’s out of the box design element are tastemakers with a knack for making everything more interesting.

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Along with Prius, we had the opportunity to chronicle Max as he seeks inspiration in his day-to-day to build his fashion empire. 

Check out the adventure in the video above.