It is the season for loveee, and of course it’s always the season for good, healthy hair. 

Glamour Magazine used Jordin Sparks as the poster girl for the aforementioned in their February issue.

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In an editorial spread that highlighted 4 beauty looks for date night, Jordin posed with her boyfriend Jason Derulo in the spread where he gushed about his love for her hair, and even revealed the nicknames that he has for it! 

Jason on Jordin’s hair: 

“She transforms herself with it. I give her names for the people she becomes. When her hair is in a bun, I call her Simone. When it’s curly, I call her Chiquita.”

Jordin on her hair growth: 

“I’ve worked so hard to get my hair this length. It was so damaged after Idol,” says Sparks. And Derulo’s a fan: “I hope she never cuts it,

While the two are very much in love, marriage is not on the forecast.

“Marriage doesn’t scare us, but we’re not in a rush either.”

Leave it to Glamour to come up with a beauty editorial that includes the boyfriend. 

SOURCE: Glamour

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