World renowned female graffiti artist CLAWMONEY, aka Claudia Gold, will be having her first exhibit of the new year at bOb Bar in New York City.

The “Duets” exhibit will feature 10 other artists, all of whom have collaborated with CLAWMONEY on individual pieces set to be put on display throughout the venue.

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Some of you may be familiar with CLAW’s iconic fat paw with three claws that have been seen on walls all over NYC, as well as her own CLAWMONEY clothing collection. Claudia created CLAWMONEY by bringing her vivid imagery, coupled with a branding and marketing expertise honed throughout years on the New York City streets, to the art, fashion, and design worlds.

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The exhibit will begin on January 24th and run through March 3rd, however CLAWMONEY has taken it upon herself to Instagram a few sneak peek images of pictures from the exhibit that can now be seen in the gallery above.

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