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The Daily Mail is reporting that a bag that was stowed away on the BN2 Islander plane that was carrying fashion boss Vittorio Missoni, his wife and two friends, washed ashore on a small Caribbean island.

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The plane, which went missing earlier this month with the two pilots as well, disappeared off the coast of Venezuela.

A German tourist found the bag from the plane on the small island country of Curacao on Jan. 10. The bag is said to belong to an Italian tourist whose plane had taken off around the same time as Missoni’s plane. There was no room on the tourist’s plane, so his bag was stowed away on Missoni’s aircraft. 

“They are not drawing any conclusion. This is simply another piece of an already complex puzzle,” U.S. Missoni spokeswoman Angela Mariani told Women’s Wear Daily.

“The Missoni family is aware of this news. However, no conclusions can be drawn from this information. The search is continuing in full force,” the family said in an official statement.

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Venezuelan officials have been searching the waters around Curacao, and say they will continue their effort to uncover clues.

We continue to pray for his safe return.

SOURCE: Daily Mail