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Justin Bieber likes to smoke on that Keisha! 

The 18 year old mega star was spotted smoking weed again, this time with Lil Za.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Riding Dirty With Lil Twist

Another one of his friends who was pulled over and detained on Friday for riding dirty in Bieber’s Ferrari without a license.

Weed makes you do crazy things.

So crazy that TMZ is reporting that Biebs got so high he let himself be photographed smoking weed again. Someone is now shopping the pictures to media outlets.

The photos — which we’ve seen — show 18-year-old Justin and his bud Lil Za casually passing the weed-filled stogie back and forth while hanging outside of an L.A. home.

PHOTOS: Ballin’ All Day: Justin Bieber Rides Dirty With Lil Twist After Wrecking His Ferrari

To make matters worst, Bieber might of been sipping on lean too. 

The photos show Justin, Lil Za and Lil Twist (we’re told both of whom have smoked pot with Bieber) at a table rolling up blunts. Also on the table — two sets of double cups (a known style of consuming sizzurp which was made popular by Lil Wayne).

In one of the photos, Bieber is drinking out of a double cup. Sources directly connected with Bieber tell TMZ … Justin adamantly denies using the drug, but cops to using pot. In the pics, we don’t see anyone present actually consuming the drug.

Sources close to the Boyfriend singer are “unbelievably frustrated” that he’s hanging out with the rappers.

Do you think Bieber’s friends are running him down the wrong road or is Bieber just being Biebs?