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Chicago is calling out for national support.

Gun-control and Chicago’s accelerating death rate is increasingly calling out for attention to the current status of the Chicago community.

VIDEO x PHOTOS: Hadiya Pendleton’s Father: “They Took The Light Of My Life”

This past weekend, family, friends, and supporters participated in a silent march led by Reverend Jesse Jackson in honor and remembrance of the late Hadiya Pendleton, a victim of Chicago’s senseless gun violence.

Pendleton’s cousin Shatira Wilkes told CBS Chicago: “Chicago is becoming a place where we are just becoming comfortable with death. I don’t want to become comfortable with death.”

Tweet Up! Reverend Jesse Jackson & GlobalGrind Take On Gun Violence, Immigration, Education & The Economy!

According to The Guardian, Reverend Jesse Jackson expressed his belief that the President’s presence in Chicago “is so urgently needed” and that it would “illuminate the condition.” President Obama’s words could unite Chicago and show them that their voices and cries for help are being heard. 

As tears stream down their faces with memories of the fallen embedded in their minds, Chicago holds hope in their hearts.

Could President Obama’s voice be the cure?

SOURCE: Huffington Post