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That’s what Lauren Silberman, 28, is singing, all the way to the field.

On Sunday, Silberman tried out for the National Football League (NFL), becoming the first woman to do so in the history of the sport.

She signed up for the New York/New Jersey regional scouting combine, but according to sources, she came up just a bit short.

According to ESPN:

Silberman aggravated a right quadriceps injury and was done for the day after just her second kickoff attempt during a tryout at a regional combine.

Silberman had one more kickoff and five field goal attempts remaining, and later lobbied NFL officials to let her try to complete the workout. After a long conversation, it was decided she would not continue because of the injury.

She spoke with reporters after her attempts.

“I’ve always been an athlete, I’ve always been a gamer and when I had the opportunity to be in the NFL, one of the world’s most competitive leagues, I absolutely had to take the chance,” Silberman said. “I know I can do a lot more and you know, it’s too bad that this happened. But I had to do what’s right for my body, so I did the right thing.”

Silberman, who graduated from MIT and played club-level soccer at the University of Wisconsin, had no experience playing football.

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And although her stint as an NFL potential is over, we congratulate Silberman on her courage. You’ve made history, girl!