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Welcome to the new America!

DETAILS: Global Race: Census Reports U.S. Will Have No Ethnic Majority…Or Minority! 

New U.S. Census data shows that a historic decline in the number of U.S. whites and the fast growth of Latinos are blurring the traditional black-white color lines in America.

But the demographic isn’t the only thing changing. This new America will test the limits of civil rights laws and reshape political alliance as the “whiteness” begins to lose dominance.

According to the Associated Press:

It’s now a potent backdrop to the immigration issue being debated in Congress that could offer a path to citizenship for 11 million mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants. Also, the Supreme Court is deciding cases this term on affirmative action and voting rights that could redefine race and equality in the U.S.

The latest census data and polling from The Associated Press highlight the historic change in a nation in which non-Hispanic whites will lose their majority in the next generation, somewhere around the year 2043.

America’s tip to a white minority has never occurred in its 237-year history and will be a first among the world’s major post-industrial societies. Brazil, a developing nation, has crossed the threshold to “majority-minority” status; a few cities in France and England are near, if not past that point.

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The international experience and recent U.S. events point to an uncertain future for American race relations, but we’re hoping for the best.

We’re excited to see how a change in demographic can alter politics and civil rights for the better!


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