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Rick Ross‘ song “U.O.E.N.O.” has caused quite a bit of controversy so much so it’s gotten Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli on a debate.

The two engaged in a public conversation on Twitter that covered the power of hip-hop music and lyrics on African-American communities.

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It all began when a Talib’s responded to a teacher who asked how she could teach her students to respect women in the wake of the controversy surrounding Rozay and his thoughts on date rape.

Talib responded to several of his Twitter followers explainng that rappers are products of there environments and that’s when Lupe stepped in!

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The “Sunshine” rapper claims that society should hold rappers and their content responsible for the state of the community and said that Hip Hop has lost it’s balance. He also argued that Hip Hop is the only genre of music in the mainstream that constantly pushes violent and destructive connotations.

Mmm… interesting…

Talib Kweli replied:

The two continued to maturely go back and forth and give their opinions an we commend the fact that the two even discussed that matter publicly and gave folks some food for thought.

Check out more highlights from the debate below and lets us know whose side your on!