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If you know anything about the Simmons household it’s this; yes, they are all talented and musically inclined, but education comes FIRST.

That’s why the non-profitorganization, Get Schooled, is collaborating with rapper Diggy Simmons to engage and inspire the youth to help them excel in school and imporve graduation rates.

And – speaking of graduation – guess who is about to walk across that stage?

So we had to get the details straight from Diggy about his plans after high school, why he thinks education is important, and of course, if there are any graduation parties.

We caught him right after he played Celebrity Principal for the day at Baltimore’s New Era Academy with the Get Schooled foundation. Here’s what he had to say.

How did the title Principal Diggy sound to you?

It was incredible. I don’t know if they ever did anything like this but I was happy I got to be a part of it and we answered questions and we were just talking about school and the importance of education, and I’m just so happy for them. The fact that they have perfect attendance and I got to come here for that and just the fact that I can do that and I can be a part was just a real big deal for me.

What are you’re favorite subjects or subject?

My favorite is English. I’ve always liked English. English is dope.

So you like to read?

Yea. I like a lot of the books that I get. I just like writing – like creative writing- and that’s where it lead into why I love writing music so much. I’ve liked history a lot too this year. I’ve taken a liking to it.

Another month you’re graduating high school. How’s that feel?

Yes, yes, yep! It’s a good feeling man. I mean, just from starting school all the way up ’till now it’s like I’ve really done it and I’m really doing it and I’m happy that I have people around me who care. And through them caring and letting me know the importance, it made me care and know the importance and that has carried into me being a young adult and wanting the best for myself.

You sound like someone who likes and enjoys school but has there be a time where it was rough?

Definitely, definitely. Even when I attended before I got into home schooling. You can slack. Sometimes it can seem like it’s not fun but when you mold the bigger picture and what it really does for you and you look at all these different subjects it’s like paying attention in school and learning all these things from the lectures and the things that teachers teach you about the world, you can be a human being who can hold conversation, you know what I’m saying? AND knows what to do with their money or doing with numbers. All of that- it carries into the real world. It’s just incredible.

Good stuff.  If a student were to come up to you and say they were struggling with school and they can’t focus, what kind of advice would you give?

You have to let them know, cause I feel like kids like that- I feel like they’re not looking for the bigger picture and that thing hits you before anything. And so many people that I know personally, and even though I’m not in school I hang out with a friend of mine and he was just telling me there’s people who just don’t know and their not realizing it and when that senior year comes around it’s like ‘oh, it’s getting real’, you know what I’m saying? You have to let them know their options and what’s ahead, what’s about to come.

I feel like it’s just about knowing where you want to go and  not letting your past hold you back, if that’s what it is. Knowing that you can come from anything and do anything and go anywhere.

Are you really focused on music? Do you think about college? What are your plans for the next couple of years?

Possibly later on, yeah. Like I said, there’s been some things in school that I’ve taken a liking to so it’s really whatever my heart feels. So if I have a time where it’s just like an off period and I’m like okay I want to study this possibly then I might go into it. But for now, definitely music and this movie that I have that is going to come out towards the last couple months of this year that I’m really excited about.

What are you going to do the night of graduation?

That night? I’m not sure, man. I’m having fun currently now doing everything that I’ve been doing. I’ve been just taking time to enjoy myself so I’m just going to do more of that. My parents are really happy for me and really proud of me so they may do something for me something for me. I’m just so excited.