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On Wednesday night, Chris Kelly, also known as the Mac Daddy, one half of the iconic rap group Kris Kross, was found dead in his Atlanta home at the age of 34. All reports point to drugs as the cause of his demise.

As soon as news hit, there was an immediate reaction of love and support from hip-pop royalty. Jermaine Dupri, the man that discovered the group, released a touching letter to Chris the very next day.

The only voice missing was Chris Smith, aka the Daddy Mac. Well, the Daddy Mac finally has spoken. Chris Smith released a statement honoring someone he calls his “brother.”

Here are some highlights of what he said:

“Chris Kelly was my Best Friend. He was like a brother. I love him and will miss him dearly.”

He also talked a little about the history of the group, which was best known for their 1992 hit “Jump:” 

“Our friendship began as little boys in first grade. We grew up together. It was a blessing to achieve the success, travel the world and entertain Kris Kross fans all around the world with my best friend,” he continued. “It is what we wanted to do and what brought us happiness. I will always cherish the memories of the C-Connection.”

The Daddy Mac wrapped up his statement by saying:


We’re sure the Mac Daddy is somewhere above listening to all the love.

SOURCE: E!Online