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The students of Sandy Hook Elementary this year can breathe a little easier, since the school where the horrifying and traumatizing shooting that killed 20 of their classmates was recommended to be torn down.

Officials of a task force voted to tear down the original school, which has been closed since the shooting, to have a new school built in its place.

According to the Huffington Post, the proposal has to be given to  the local school board and then before voters as a referendum before any final voting is made.

The site reports:

The panel had previously narrowed a list of choices to renovating or rebuilding on the school site or building a new school on property down the street. A study found building a new school on the existing site would cost $57 million.

The 430 surviving students are attending a renovated school renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School in the neighboring town of Monroe.

If all goes well, officials said construction could begin in the spring and the new building could open in January 2016.

It sounds like a pretty good idea to try to get a new school built, being that the old school has some horrible memories for the students and faculty.

The spirit of the school might have been damaged, but it isn’t lost. We pray for Newtown!