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If you thought you lived in a post-racial world before yesterday, you were probably rudely awakened by a 30-second Cheerios commercial.

Yep. Cheerios, the little circle cereal that kind of tastes like cardboard, but we still buy it because babies can’t get enough of it and it fights heart disease.

Sounds harmless enough. But when a cute brown girl approached her white mother and asked about Cheerios, and then the camera cut to her black father, the internetz went crazy.

So much so, that Cheerios had to disable the racist comments because the section turned into 1917. And the words “monkey,” “Nazi,” “racial genocide,” and “troll,” “n*gger” and worse dominated the comment stream.

Basically, people weren’t ready to deal with an interracial couple in a commercial. But we here at GlobalGrind think it is an honest representation of blended American families.

Not to mention…it was adorable as hell.

And we’re not afraid to say it…this was the best commercial of all time. And not just because it introduced the first interracial family in advertising…

But because we’ve never seen suspicion over a box of cereal look so damn cute:

And she was rockin’ the hell out of this wavy-baby afro-natural hairstyle…

And the color is pretty amazing too…which she obvi obtained without any highlights…

The whole commercial is about preventative health care. Which means that Cheerios managed to produce a really a cute and enjoyable PSA that schools us on how to live longer, healthier lives.

And she basically saved her father’s life by putting Cheerios on his heart. Which means she’s also a superhero.

And because we’d still wear an outfit like this…

And all the cuteness and the important message hidden in the commercial made us want to go and pick up a box of Cheerios for old time’s sake…

And…if you didn’t already peep…the commercial boasting this “heart healthy” motto wasn’t just about the physical condition of the organ…but the feelings inside? (yep…they basically sub-tweeted us).

And of course…because it ends in the word “love.” Which is what this commercial and the message is all about…us all getting along in the end…


Job well done, Cheerios.

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