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UPDATE 6/1 11:09 PM EST

According to medical examiners and emergency officials the death toll in the Oklahoma City area has risen to 9 after the violent storms.


Just a week after Oklahoma was devestated by a deadly tornado, another round of twisters hit the state on Friday night.  We have compiled some of the craziest photos and an absolutely insane video. 

There are already five deaths confirmed, including a mother and her daughter, who were thrown from their mini-van that was crushed on the side of the highway. 

Thousands of people were stuck in their cars on the two main highways as they tried to escape the deadly path of these tornadoes.  Residents of Moore, Oklahoma, who just last week dealt with a tornado that tore apart its town, heard sirens once again as the tornado briefly touched down in their city center. 

Although the tornado warnings are over, there is still fear of flash floods that could do a lot of damage.  Our prayers are with the people of Oklahoma.

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