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After two weeks of intense testimony from witnesses, the state is expected to rest their case in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial and today the prosecution’s first witness was Sybrina Fulton, who when asked to identify her sons, strongly testified:

“My youngest son is Trayvon Benjamin Martin. He’s in heaven.”

Fulton went on to state that the screams heard on the 911 call are most certainly Trayvon Martin’s and furthermore and more highlights from the testimony include:

 –  Sybrina identifies Trayvon by telling court about his tattoos. Trayvon had two tattoos, praying hands and “my name” on his left wrist. The teenager was right-handed.

– Bernie de la Rionda plays the 911 tape with screams in the background. Asked if she can identify the screaming. “Yes, it’s Trayvon Benjamin Martin.”

– During cross examination, O’Mara tells Fulton that he’s sorry for her loss. BDLR objects.

– O’Mara questions Fulton about the first time she heard the tape. It was revealed that she wasn’t prepared for the screams when she first heard the tape with Trayvon’s father, Jahvaris Fulton, family lawyers, and mayor.

– O’Mara asks Fulton a series of questions about “hope.” She replies, “I don’t hope for anything.”

– During redirect, Fulton tells BDLR that what she hoped was that Trayvon was still here, alive. 

Trayvon Martin’s brother, Jahvaris Fulton, also took the stand this morning. For more updates and livestream of the trial, click here and watch Sybrina’s heartbreaking testimony in the videos above and below.

Sybrina later tweeted out a picture of her two boys: