Jay-Z is truly living out a life that reads like a fairytale.  Think about it.  Where else would you hear about a kid going from growing up in the Marcy housing projects in Brooklyn to pushing an $8 million car?  That’s right, eight mill, and that’s more than what most celebrities’ entire estates are worth.  



Though not actually an owner of the car, Jay-Z did drive it in his Lost Ones video a couple of years ago.  The eight-million dollar whip that the Jiggaman used in the video is the Maybach Exelero.  This car is the ultimate luxury sports vehicle and boasts a top speed of 218 mph and can go from zero to 60 mph in just a little over four seconds.  An insane feat considering that it weighs in at just under 3 tonnes.  Though it seems like an engineering impossibility, this rapid acceleration is made possible with the help of a bi-turbo v12 engine that is nestled under the hood.  

The Exelero was first developed as a one shot design that was commissioned by Fulda Tyres and was designed by students at the Pforzheim Polytechnic Department of Transport Design.  The car was primarily used as a showroom car; however, due to the demand created by the sheer beauty of this vehicle an $8 million price tag was attached to it.  Who can afford that price you ask?  Not too many people, but I’m sure Jay-Z falls into the list of those who can.  

Who knows, maybe he’ll purchase one for himself to celebrate his recent Forbes Magazine cover, which he shared with fellow businessman Warren Buffett.  Pictures of the this awesome car are presented in the next couple of pages.





And here is a video of the whip in action.

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