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Kanye West has impeccable style. He refers to himself as the “Louis Vuitton Don” and is front row at every important fashion show. So it’s only fitting that Kanye has now announced that he’ll be coming out with his own scarf line.

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Inspired by his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” artwork, Kanye decided he was going to be a scarf designer. Kanye will be collaborating with Paris designers Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag on his scarf line. Kanye is just one of many rappers and celebrities who’ve branched off from music to do other creative ventures. 

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Do you remember “Pimp Juice” or 50 Cent condoms? Well, GlobalGrind does. Click on the next few pages to check out the craziest celebrity product lines.


Rapper 50 Cent wanted to promote safe sex, so he teamed up with LifeStyles condom company to make “Magic Stick” condoms. The deal between 50 and LifeStyles eventually fell through, but the condoms made it to production. 


Pop singer Jessica Simpson loved sweets and her lip gloss, so she created “Dessert Treats” cosmetics. The candy flavored cosmetics were in all of the nation’s most popular pharmacies. 


Have you ever wanted to be a pimp? Well, rapper Nelly’s energy drink “Pimp Juice” allowed you to become a pimp…well at least in your head. Nelly started the energy drink company in 2003 and the company expanded internationally. In Islamic countries, “Pimp Juice” sold over one million cans in the first three months of production, but eventually was banned from Islamic stores. 


Socialite Paris Hilton created a scrapbooking line for all the creative scrapbooking gurus of the world. Her stickers and supplies still rock out on arts and craft store shelves. 


Rapper and “No Limit” CEO Master P’s son Lil Romeo had the great idea to create rap snacks, tasty honey and bbq flavored chips. Rap Snacks are sold all across the country and have over 12 different flavors with 12 different rappers on them. 


Industrial rocker Marilyn Manson scored his own vodka with an international wine and spirits company. “Mansinthe” is a vodka that is rumored to have hallucinogenic side effects.

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