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It’s very hard to explain the position that I am in. As a Spanish female, I am seeing more and more women of my race being hired for Hip-Hop music videos to play that “Spanish vixen, hot Latina” role. Whether it’s because of the color of their skin or the shape of their bodies, I must say that I am to an extent flattered that musicians are choosing “us” over other races. But are we merely a trend ?

The Spanish girl, that was once hated on because she didn’t have that beautiful chocolate skin or that creamy white skin is now honored for her sun-kissed glow. Now, the world is more aware and embracing those physical features that “we” have always offered. But I feel as though when Spanish women gain in one area, we are losing in another. Growing up, I was never encouraged to show off my body, let alone wear skimpy outfits while dancing in the background or even on the musician’s lap for the world to see. The mere thought of insinuating sex got me slapped by my ever so traditional mother, who instilled in me the idea that as an attractive female you must work one hundred times harder to gain the same respect and position that a male has and be “ok” with it- because that’s just how life is. Sometimes I wonder if these females enjoy what they do.


Of course the perks like money, popularity, and their 15 minutes of fame must have its positive affects, but do these video models ever think of their parents/family perception of them, and their job as they grind and bend over to the beat? Or do these ladies ever wonder how hard they are making it for the rest of us who just want to succeed using our brains, not body?

Although I have always embraced other women’s beauty and I don’t want to come off as a hater, do these video vixens ever think of the larger scope? I am NOT saying that they are doing the “devil’s work”, or are letting their race down, but I feel as though they can be a part of a much more productive project.


I am ecstatic that the world, primarily the men, have been exposed to curvier, thicker women.  If one can remember, back in the day, it was not attractive for a female to have meat on her body.  Women strived for that “model figure.”  ‘Beautiful’ was only if you were tall and skinny. 

Thankfully, views have changed where females are now encouraged to embrace their hips and voluptuous chest/butt, but I can’t help but wonder if we as a gender feel that way because the “man” likes it or because the woman truly likes her body.


Growing up, my body was always an issue. I was over developed in elementary school and now I am, to some, under developed. Because I have been a professional competing dancer since the age of seven, I never really could allow my body to gain weight. Costumes had to fit properly and my dance partner had to pick me up with ease. So, one can conclude that I have a more muscular and toned midriff and lower body.  With that said, I don’t have that video model body that males assume every Spanish female has. These Spanish video models have made men think that every Spanish girl has curly hair down their back, paired with a C/D cup size chest and a “plumpier” butt. In reality, we don’t.


My hair being above my shoulders and my jean size a 27 doesn’t mean I am not Span

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