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In hip hop and urban culture, there tends to be things that get hot overnight (G Shock Watches, black Jesus pieces), but there are some things that should have never became the ‘it’ item to have. We’re in 2010 now, and in the past decade there were a bunch of things that were hot for a quick minute. Check out some of the biggest trends that were hot within the past ten years.

LED Belts

Around 2004, LED belts became the hot item to have. These electric belts advertised the words of your choice. Whether it was your name, your boo’s name, or your pet’s name, you can customize what message was displayed. These items were hot for a second, especially when Remy Ma (FREE REMY) sported the belt in the Diplomats’ ‘Get Crunk’ video, but they went out of style quicker than the battery life for one of these.

Gucci/ Burberry/ L.V./ Fendi Print Shoes/ Sneakers

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, and the other high end fashion brands are what’s in right now, but the way hip hoppers used to rock this gear could be considered a crime. In the early 2000’s, the trend of customizing sneakers with Italian fashion brand material became the hot thing to do. You would catch so many people wearing Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, or Louis Vuitton Air Forces, that it would look like an army of people wearing designer handbags on their feet. Luckily, this style of footwear came and went, and you will only find these threads on belts and bags now.

Arab Money Scarves

One of the more recent trends, the arab money scarf was a must have in the winter time. A fashion accesory big out in the Middle East, this scarf became most popular when Busta Rhymes put out his hit song with Ron Browz ‘Arab Money.’ Although Busta Rhymes received a lot of backlash from the song, it did well and got tons of radio play. The scarves however, were out of style about a year after they hit the scene.

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