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The year 2004 may be eons from our recent memory, but one tragic event that cannot be forgotten is the tsunami that erupted as a result of earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and ripped through Thailand just a day after Christmas. As a result of the tsunami, an estimated 227,898 people lost their lives, with 170,000 of […]

Years after the death of the man who claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks of 9/11, there’s still a secret story that begs to be told.  VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Says She Got Serious “Street Cred” For Name-Dropping Jay-Z Zero Dark Thirty is the first movie that captures the secret stories behind the most infamous manhunt of […]

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when that breakup happens three weeks before your expected wedding date. The scenario of new film Lola Versus may seem tried and true, but with the comedic relief provided by the charismatic California girl Greta Gerwig, Lola Versus has become a summer must-see.  VIDEO: Director Oren Peli Reveals A Movie Scarier Than […]

In 2009, Paranormal Activity was the horror movie that left viewers tugging sheets and checking for monsters under their beds. In 2010, Paranormal Activity 2 scared the crap out of moviegoers again, and the third time was the creepy charm for Paranormal Activity 3 in 2011. STORY: 10 Questions We Want Answers To In “Paranormal Activity […]

GlobalGrind’s Ben Lyons chopped it up with TV smash hit Shameless‘ Shanola Hampton, who plays the free-spirited and sexy character of Veronica Fisher. Ben and Shanola venture into the makings of this hilarious and heartfelt series, her character, relationships and even her political perspectives. EXCLUSIVE: Ben Lyons Chops It Up With New Girls’ Lamorne Morris Peep the exclusive […]

Cassie is easily one of the most strikingly beautiful women in music. PHOTOS: Cassie Covers Clam Magazine Known for her outrageously chic style and smooth sound, Cassie is a Leader of the New Cool. Leading the way on what’s fresh, hot and next, girls everywhere can’t wait to see what she steps out in in […]

Funny man Lamorne Morris is making his name in Hollywood, and is fitting in quite well with his new role on Fox’s hit series New Girl.   Lamorne plays the character of Winston, a former athlete who has come to the realization that he will never make it professionally, so he decides to just pack it up and […]

Imagine only having 1,000 words left to say until your time is up! This was the biggest challenge for Eddie Murphy‘s character in his newest film A Thousand Words about a man who’s words are numbered. Our own Ben Lyons sat down with the legendary funnyman himself to talk about how hard it was to […]

Elizabeth Olsen stars in the thriller Silent House, which hits theaters this Friday, March 9. As the younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley, you’d think little Lizzie would have a lot to live up to, but she seems to be handling the spotlight with ease, making her film debut in 2011’s Martha Marcy May Marlene,which […]

Chronicle hits theaters February 3rd, Super Bowl weekend, and has a young cast of rising stars that might not be household names just yet, but get back to me in a few years and watch, things will be different. LIST: Ben Lyons’ Picks! The Best Movies Of 2011 I recently sat down with actors Dane […]


In hip hop and urban culture, there tends to be things that get hot overnight (G Shock Watches, black Jesus pieces), but there are some things that should have never became the ‘it’ item to have. We’re in 2010 now, and in the past decade there were a bunch of things that were hot for […]