The Daily Grind Video

Jay Electronica just shook the game again. Dropping heated lines over Quincy Tones’ (who?) harder than Kat Stacks’ nipples beat for “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”, Jay adopts Big’s slow flow that’s remarkable. Diddy makes an adlib feature doing what he does best, pop shit. Puff, who sounds like he’s puffin’ on the treadmill while doing his sideline coaching, is in rare form as his feature might be longer than Jay’s rapping, but it’s super entertaining though.


Which brings us to the Diddy assisted Game track with a similar Biggie vibe on Game’s The Red Room mixtape. The “Heartbreak Hotel” track produced by Bad Boy Hitman Bink! (get back with them dudes Puff), finds Compton’s Chuck Taylor mimicking Big’s super slow flow on the laid back soundtrack. It harkens the “One More Chance” style that everyone thought they could pull off when acting out Biggie’s lines.

Who do you think repped the Big Man’s style the best?


(BTW, no one can duplicate his flow…I’m just sayin’.)