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In honor of GG’s recent post–‘The Sexiest Bodies In The World,’ I decided it was only fair that I show some love to our female readers. Here is my official sexiest bodies list-male edition. There are so many sexy men in this world it was hard to narrow it down to 20, but I got it done!

Let me know what you think…

20. Mario

When he came back on the scene with ‘Break Up’ he had seriously grown up. I could look at his newly swole body any day of the week.


19. Paul Walker

Between the body and the blue eyes, I’d do anything he’d ask me to.


18. Chris Brown

Watching him perform ‘Take You Down’ during his Exclusive tour was pure ecstasy.


17. Ryan Reynolds

He compliments his wife, Scarlett Johansson’s sexiness perfectly.


16. Lebron James

Tall, dark and handsome. Perfect.


15. Darren Sharper

When he was featured in an XXL spread with his shirt off a few months ago I fell in love.


14. Nelly

He’s never looked as good as he does in the most recent Sean John ads.


13. Will Smith

A veteran in the game and still looking sexy as ever.


12. Matthew Mcconaughey

He has his shirt off more than he has it on but I’m not complaining.


11. Tyrese

Singer/actor/model. He looked yummy enough to eat dressed in all white up against that chocolatey skin in his ‘Lately’ video.


10. Mario Lopez

He was already built as a child star on Saved By The Bell. His career and body have only gotten better with age.


9. Channing Tatum

If he weren’t married I’d fight hard for this man. 


8. Usher

His signature move is taking his shirt off, but for a good reason. That stomach has remained perfectly sculpted throughout his entire career.


7. Lance Gross

Eva might be the luckiest girl in the world. He has washboard abs and the face to go with it.

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