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Maybe it’s the music or maybe it’s the marijuana, either way it seems that Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have a great deal in common and are very close friends. So close that Los Angeles-based R&R Gallery is hosting a new group show called “Willie & Snoop” based around the odd couple.  PHOTOS: Snoop Remembers […]


Tyler Wilson is the latest victim of bullying on the playground, the 11 year old from Toledo Ohio  was assaulted by bullies after they discovered he had joined the cheer leading squad. As a result from the beating Tyler suffered a broken shoulder and bruises. And the only reason he decided to join the squad because it would help his chances of […]

In grammar school, we learned about the figures of speech, and that a noun is a person, place or thing. But who would think that sexuality would eventually catch up to that ‘other’ level as well? In the still-being-produced documentary titled ‘Silence 2: Black Male Sexuality‘ a man explains a phenomenom going on in Brazil […]


A MALE COUGAR SPEAKS – PART ONE Cougars (aka older women dating younger men) have become 21st century pop culture icons, showcasing the enduring sex appeal of middle aged women with Demi and Ashton the Queen and Kings of the movement. But when folks think of older men and younger women its all about Donald […]

I’ve never been with a guy with long hair. Am I missing something? Every time I see Lloyd, I feel like I’m missing out. Long hair means you can play with it, pull it and even braid it. These are all things that sound fun to me. Hair is one physical characteristic that truly defines […]


Age can be a beautiful thing for some celebrities. Their looks entertain more than one generation-the mothers and the daughters love them. For these men, age is nothing but a number. They may have put out a bad movie or a bad song in their lifetime but it doesn’t matter, we still love them, want […]

The last ‘Sexiest Bodies In The World Male Edition’ was a major smash but there is still plenty of sexiness out there, so it is our duty to present to you a sequel. After mulling over countless pics of half naked guys i’ve reluctantly narrowed it down to this well rounded list. FYI it was […]


Since childhood, growing up on a farm in rural northeastern North Carolina, I would often hear people around me say, “he’s so pretty; he should have been a girl” based solely on my physical appearance. From an early age, I questioned what they meant, what it means to be masculine AND feminine, exactly why we […]

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<p>Erika Heaven plays with her sexy self.</p>