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As we reported yesterday, there was a tea party rally in Washington, while the Democrats got together with President Obama to talk about the healthcare bill.  We all know that there are many tea baggers who are good Americans who just disagree with the way President Obama is handling things — that is fine, and that is why America is America — the right to speak freely.

But, we also all know that there are a bunch of tea baggers who are douche bags and spit hateful, racist, sh*t and think they can get away with it.  That is just what happened yesterday when a group of them called Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights HERO and Barney Frank, a gay rights HERO, the n-word and f*ggot.  The Congressmen cooly brushed that pig sh*t off their shoulders, but Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, who represents a large district near Fresno, California tried to defend them on CSPAN yesterday.  We are all in favor of free speech, but for heaven’s sakes Congressman, why not defend the KKK while you are at it?  Despicable.  Don’t forget the name.  Devin Nunes.  Let’s vote this sucka out of office.