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Show Creator Adam DiVello stated ‘I think we’ve told the story of struggle and finding yourself in L.A.’ and I couldnt agree more! Honestly after Lauren left I was like eh this show is ok, then Whitney left and I was like why am I watching these people live their life again? Clearly I was in a dark place in my life.


But they have leaked some spoilers the final season. Heidi Montag will be the main focus unfortunately, while hubby Spencer Pratt a.k.a ‘the worst human alive’ will be in the shadows-yay! Also Lauren Conrad will be back! Producers claim shes coming back ‘in order to give a satisfying end to the show’.



Seems like they really added Lauren because they wanted viewers but hey what do I know? Some people might actually find Heidi and ‘He who shall not be named’ good ‘ol american fun. Me? eh yeah no. I have better things to do then watch this couple do anything. Funny thing is they didnt mention Lo, Audrina, or Kirsten? Hmmm is there more to this? We’ll see.

Final Season premieres April 27th on MTV.  Tune in at your own risk.


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