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Humor is a uniquely human trademark and it’s used to camouflage many things, including horror. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried (the voice of the duck in those ubiquitous AFLAC insurance commercials) was fired by The Martin Agency after he tweeted not so funny things about Japanese earquake and tsunami victims. We thought we’d take a look at some other famous commercials which also starred animals. A handful of them feature cats and dogs. See if you remember: Morris The Cat, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Spud’s MCkenzie, to name three.


Morris The Cat, 9 Lives, 1972

9 Lives Cat Food “spokes-person” Morris the Cat was voiced by actor John Erwin who also voiced He-Man in the 1980s. Morris, a finicky and hard to please feline, was created in the 1970s and his popularity carried over after three decades.


Spud McKenzie, Bud Light, 1987

We still don’t understand why anyone would create a light beer, but here we are some 25 years after its invention, looking at a Bud Light commercial starring Spud McKenzie. Spud’s was huge, spawning all sorts of merchandise including sunglasses, posters and T-Shirts. The character didn’t have a voice, his partying and (implied) ways with the ladies said it all.


The Coca Cola Polar Bears, 1992

The Coca Cola Polar’s didn’t talk either but they sure loved their Coke. This commercial is more than a fantasy, especially after you realize penguins and polar bears live on opposite sides of the world.


The Cottonelle Puppy

Voiced by writer, director, producer, and actor Zach Braff, the Cottonelle Puppy is both adorably cute and funny. 


The Geico Day Gecko

Several actors voiced the Gecko but it is Kelsey Grammer’s voice in  this original commercial featuring the Gecko’s Cockney accent. 


Gidget The Teacup Chihuahua for Taco Bell

Gidget died in 2009 at 15 years old. But when he was alive he brought joy to his fans via Taco Bell. Gidget’s voice was Carlos Alazraqui who played Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911, and Jonathan Weed on “Family Guy.”