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5 Years ago Former Wu-tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard passed away. In remembrance of him Global Grind picked our 5 favorite videos he’s starred in. We remember ODB… PEEP BELOW:



1. Shimmy Shimmy Ya- This track sounds like a missing song from Enter the 36 Chambers, with its sparse and heavy beats, and ODB’s erratic vocal rasp grabbing the listeners attention.

2. Brooklyn Zoo- This is a very aggressive track, with a very heavy and a fast beat, for the Wu-Tang Clan. Although, Ol’ Dirty Bastard is not the greatest Hip Hop Lyricist, this is him at his best, and his delivery of his lyrics is whats important to focus on with his work.

3. Got Your Money- I remember being young and watching this video not understanding none of it but knew the lyrics was crazy!

4. Fantasy- This is a straight classic with the beautiful Mariah Carey definitely one of my favorites from ODB

5. Ghetto Superstar- This song brang a good collabo together theres hasnt been callabos like this in a long time!

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