Every morning there is a sea of sexy aftermath and shocking news left on the Internet from the things our favorite celebrities have done or said the night before. Whether it’s going to the club, hitting a red carpet, or making a statement that raises a few eyebrows, hip-pop fans need to know. GlobalGrind has […]

Newcomer Erin Christine is a force to be reckoned with. Cosigned by many heavyweights people describe her as ‘phenomenal’. She’s working on her EP and has been buiding quite the buzz.  She’ll be joining us in the offices today for a live chat and a performance of her single. Be sure to tune in at […]

OMFG! Gossip Girl beauty Leighton Meester looks even more stunning than usual in the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire UK, rocking a variety of looks that all seemed to suit her perfectly.

Kim Kardashian attracted thousands of fans and onlookers Wednesday night as she launched her new fragrance — aptly named Kim Kardashian — at the storied Herald Square Macy’s in New York City.

Rejoice, Swyllenhaal fans! Rumored couple (and apple orchard frequenters) Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted hanging out in Brooklyn, NY over the weekend. Citadel Radio got snaps of the couple on what appears to be a group brunch outing in Park Slope. Jake’s sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, lives in Park Slope but she didn’t appear to be a part of the Swift-Gyllenhaal gaggle.  

The big day is tomorrow. Russell Simmons presents Brave New Voices features four majorly talented teams and you can see them put it all on the line for the big night for the final championship.  You know what the show is about, you’ve met the hosts and now, it’s time to meet the team. Four […]

We’ve all seen the GQ photoshoot with Glee’s resident hotties, Cory Monteith, Diana Agron andLea Michele. Sure they might have been a little racy, but honestly, was it any worse than any other magazine spreads we’ve seen? The Parents Television Council seems to think so. ‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for […]

It’s Grind Time!  We’ve got a lot of exciting new to share with you guys today. Join Piper and Blogxilla for our LIVE Grind Time where we’ll discuss the day’s hottest stories and inside details about Russell’s new reality show (starring our very own Piper!). And of course, other entertainment news of the day. Hope […]

Adriana Lima showed off Victoria’s Secret’s $2 million Bombshell Fantasy bra by putting it on full display on the streets of New York. Hey, if you have an expensive bra, you’d want to show it off, right?

GlobalGrind has just learned that L.A Reid has been removed from the Def Jam building and has been denied entry into his office. Currently the VP’s of the iconic music level are sitting in an emergency meeting to further outline the restructure of Def Jam Records.  However, the rep for the label is saying that […]

Bossip, you still don’t get it.  We knew you would play the race card, as you do in every other post you put on your site.  The more we think about it, Bossip is the GLENN BECK of black America. The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The cigar in Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.  The crab at the […]

Vanessa Hudgens’ scandal pictures caused a lot of controversy when they leaked about three years ago. The High School Musical star was trying to send some sexy photos to her former co-star and long-term boyfriend, Zac Efron, but her pictures fell into the wrong hands and were made public. It had to have been immensely […]