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Bossip, you still don’t get it.  We knew you would play the race card, as you do in every other post you put on your site.  The more we think about it, Bossip is the GLENN BECK of black America. The wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The cigar in Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.  The crab at the bottom of the bucket!!!

Russell calls you out on your lies, and what do you do? Post more lies.  Typical of your site.  As the godfather of hip-hop, your site and your careers wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Russell.  Did you even know that today is hip-hop’s birthday or were you too busy peddling smut, hate and trash?  Our generation is tired of people like you.  Tired of people like Glenn Beck. Tired of people like Rush Limbaugh.  Tired of people like Bill O’Reilly.  Tired of people like Sarah Palin.  Tired of people like Clarence Thomas. Tired of people who just want to divide us and make us seem that we are stuck in a four block radius.  We have white friends.  We have black friends.  We have Latino friends.  We have Asian friends.  And we are proud of it.  We have gay friends. We have straight friends.  We even have transgender friends.  And we are proud of that too.  Life is a lot easier when you have friends.  It is a lot easier, when you are not afraid to show your face in public.  As Russell says, ‘hurt people, hurt people.’  If you are in pain, we are here for you.

In the meantime, you’ll be hearing again from our lawyer, who you stereotypically assumed was ‘white,’ when in fact he is black.  Remember, black people are smart too.

‘There’s not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America; there is the United States of America.’ ~Barack Hussein Obama

GlobalGrind Editorial Team