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Friday, May 21st, I opened up for a BET Comic View show in Riverhead, Long Island right across the pond from the Hamptons. Not really a music show, but when they call I answer. The event was put together by Behind Closed Doors Ent. and was sponsored by BET, Def Jam Comedy, and The Comic View. I was fortunate to open for Def Jam Comedian Freddie Ricks, who starred as Winston in the John Singleton classic Baby Boy.   

The show was a learning experience seeing as the crowd was not my usual audience, it was 25+ crowd and most of the crowd was much older then that, a lot of them never heard of me. They didn’t react to my normal stage show like my usual audience does, so I had to take matters into my own hands and change it up on the fly. Shout out to my bro @DJZEKE who helped me out when the sound system was going haywire and…


giving off too much feedback, i dont know what he did but he fixed the sound system mid-performance.

All unsigned artists, or any artist period, make sure you know this there will NEVER EVER be a perfect show, never, you have to learn to roll with the punches, If only one speaker is working, like in my case, do something to get the crowds mind off the one speaker. I learned from watching a lot of A-List acts perform, ENGAGE the crowd. Make them part of your show, have them help you.

Other then the sound being a little messed up, and the crowd being a little older, it was overall a great experience, I performed one of my personal favorites ‘Don’t I know That Guy’ which you can download at my website, and the promoters who threw the event treated me like I was their main event, and that i greatly appreciate. My team and I were treated with great hospitality and at the end of the day I had a great time…


Artists who are on the same Grind as me, Take a lesson from me, always be prepared for anything, make sure all your ground is covered before you step on that stage, make sure your never afraid to jump head first into something…Its alright to be nervous, but never afraid.

Check out this quick 2 minute recap of my night in Riverhead…

– Kocky K

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