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As you know, Lil Wayne was scheduled to go to prison in February, but got an extension on his freedom until March because of a dental situation that he had to take care of. People were in awe that Weezy was able to stay out of jail for an extra two weeks for dental reasons, but nobody knew the man responsible for fixing Weezy’s grill. Today, Wayne’s dentist, Dr. Virgil Mongalo, actually released a press release discussing Wayne’s situation and introducing himself. Check out the press release below.

Lil Wayne’s Sentencing Postponed for Dental Procedure by Dr. Virgil Mongalo MIAMI, FL – Lil Wayne’s scheduled sentencing in a New York City weapons case was postponed so the rapper could complete a dental procedure by Dr. Virgil Mongalo. The platinum-selling performer is a long time patient of the Miami cosmetic dentist who was also involved in the creation of the Wayne’s diamond-studded teeth.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, had planned to have the procedure done before his February 9th sentencing, but Dr. Mongalo was out of the country doing charitable work in Latin America.

The Manhattan judge and the assistant district attorney agreed to delay sentencing until March after speaking with the Dr. Mongalo who explained the medical necessity of treating the rapper’s condition. Wayne then flew to Miami where the cosmetic dentist successfully performed the procedure on February 16th.

While HIPAA privacy rules prevent revealing the procedure Lil Wayne underwent, it can be said that Dr. Mongalo specializes in smile makeovers and computer-guided implant surgeries such as Teeth-in-an-Hour, a micro-surgical technique that eliminates cutting the gums and sutures.

Lil Wayne is just one of many celebrity patients treated by Dr. Mongalo. The Miami cosmetic dentist regularly performs smile makeovers for film, television and music celebrities as well as Miss Universe contestants. Requests for diamond grill work are more rare. When asked about the $150,000 price Wayne is quoted to have paid, Dr. Mongalo paraphrased Don Quixote: “A tooth is worth more than a diamond.”

About Dr. Virgil Mongalo: As a private practitioner in Miami, Dr. Virgil Mongalo has performed cosmetic dentistry and implant procedures for almost 20 years. Dr. Virgil Mongalo is also an associate professor at the University of Florida, an adjunctive professor at Georgia Medical College, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and chairman of the Oral Implantology Department at Nicaragua Catholic University. Awarded his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from the University of Florida, Dr. Mongalo is also a Master of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is past president of the Scientific Committee for the Latin American Organization of Dental Implants.

Contact: Dr. Virgil Mongalo Office Phone: (305) 271-9202

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