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Melonie Wallace: I recently had the opportunity to interview Michelle Williams. We had a great conversation about being sexy, her recent split from Matthew Knowles as her manager, her career, and her various business ventures, as well as her faith.  Michelle made mention of those who have criticized her career path and moves forward in her God given destiny.

Melonie Wallace: Hi Michelle good to hear from you let’s start off by taking about what’s new…

Michelle Williams: Well, I currently on Broadway with CHICAGO and I am playing the lead role of Roxie Hart, a sassy and very ambitious lady who will do anything to be a star. I was also in the London on West End, which is like the states Broadway, playing the same role. I am the first African American Roxie in London. I am proud of that. In January, I made the decision to end a 10-year relationship with my management team to pursue other opportunities. This was difficult to do because of our closeness but it was a business decision and not personal at all. So now, here I am…me against the world…making decisions that were otherwise made for me. I am reinventing myself, trying new things and being more upfront and out there.  It is liberating but yet scary at the same time…LOL…but I am smart and I can make it with…as long as God is on my side, and He said he would never leave me so I am good!

I am exploring new businesses. I have always wanted to have my own bath and body line so now I am pursuing it. I am writing more…about my life experiences…what I have been through and what I am looking forward to. I am looking to write more with other artists as well.

Melonie: Recently I saw on your tweeter Christians can be sexy too, tell us how that ideal come about?

Michelle: Well, Someone asked me about singing Christian music while playing a sexy character (Roxie).  My response to that was Christians can be sexy too! LOL.  Just because a woman is a Christian doesn’t mean we
should not be attractive.  It is attraction that leads to a relationship.  And women need to keep themselves up by going to the spa, keeping your hair done, making sure your nails are done. It shows you care about your appearance, and will care about your mate and children.

Melonie: So since we’re in the topic of being sexy, so how you feeling these days? So is there a significant other?

Michelle: I feel great! Really, I do.  I am confident and I am ready for more blessings.

Melonie: It seems as though your faith carries you through, tell me more about that?

I am so glad that I was raised in the church. My mother and family taught me to have faith and God and to never to discourage despite circumstances.  I have a great career, singing, being on Broadway, on actin (television)…and with all my success, I have been criticized or have MY relationship with God questioned (last time I checked my relationship with God was personal…between me and him…LOL). That’s why I do not have faith in man because they will let you down every time.  Without God’s favor and my faith in Him, I will not be where I am today…It is what carries me through.
Melonie: Recently we heard that you decided to take a new direction with your
career tell us about that, what prompted the change?

Michelle: We worked together for 10 years and that is a long time.  It was just
time for a change.


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