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The hip-hop industry is based on loyalty. Without loyalty an artist’s entourage-the people they’re seen kicking it with 24/7 wouldn’t exist. When a rapper makes it big they usually cling to their fellow famous friends for comfort and comradery. There’s nothing I love more than famous BFF’s, artists who work together and play together!

Throughout hip-hop history there have been some famous BFF’s who have tip-toed around the line that separates friendship and relationship. Maybe we can call these ‘business relationships’ as most of our pretend couples work together as often as possible, but when the work day ends these artists still enjoyed kicking it with their ‘significant others.’

Whether it’s a bromance based on collaborations and never ending tour dates, or a male/female friendship based on the same, these artists will forever be associated with one another.

1. Jay-Z and Foxy Brown

Known for their collaborations and close relationship throughout the 90s, these two could be the face for ‘hip-hop pretend couples.’

Foxy Brown feat. Jay-Z-I’ll Be


2. Drake and Nicki Minaj

Drake is known for sweating the Harajuku Barbie, but nothing official has ever been announced between the two.

Drake feat. Nicki Minaj-Up All Night


3. Bow Wow and Omarion

These two have collaborated on an entire album (Face Off), have gone on tour together, and kick it with each other whenever given the chance.

Bow Wow & Omarion-Girlfriend

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