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Is Drew Barrymore the un-hailed queen of the romantic comedy?


Although they’re personally my least favorite type of film experience, many people can’t get enough. They’re the lovers of the world.


These movies tend to be extremely predictable. There’s a guy, there’s a girl, there’s a problem, and they work it out at the end to live happily ever after.


Plus, the idea that everyone has a soul mate or NEEDS a soul mate is sad and wrong. Any therapist will tell you that a couple is not 50/50. Each individual is 100 percent. You’re not half a person and you don’t need anybody to complete you.


With all that said, there’s every reason to fall in love — with a good movie! Taking to Twitter, I polled my followers on their rom-com picks. Natch, Miss Barrymore’s various films came up. Two of them even made my list.


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