As a lot of you may have heard, yesterday was a very sad day in California as the system has decided to uphold Prop 8! That means that visions of ringing bells and dreams of ‘EQUALITY FOR ALL’ has instead been replaced with a horrendous reminder: A red sign instead saying ‘AMERICANS TO STILL LIVE AS SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS’ this is in regards to people that are ‘Gay.’

My first thoughts on reading those exact words, drew up feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, and left me with no choice but to vent on my blog. The first thing I did was make a few tweets about it on my twitter page( Immediately, I received an outpouring response from angry people. I felt as though I was being burnt as stake or beheaded for voicing my opinions, and I still stand tall in my beliefs. I guess times have not changed much because I very much so believe that this is TODAY’s version of ‘beheading’ someone. Some people even had the nerve to call me ‘RACIST’ for whatever their reasoning is just because I was disapointed in PRESIDENT OBAMA in his decisions for not supporting Gay Marriages. May I ask, what does ‘RACE’ really have to do with this? And if people want to ‘GO THERE’ with me, then I will most definitely ‘Go There!’ Seeing that President Obama is the 1ST ‘Black President’ he should, out of all people, understand the struggles and the long fight to be treated equally. When he became President, the world came together and shed tears because let’s admit, within that very moment, we all felt like the world has hope! ‘YES WE CAN!’ all shoved down our throats will false promises and exaggerated dreams. I admit, even I cried when I watched his speech that night. He got me good! I felt goosebumps, and tears of joy trickled down my face, as I instensely watched our future President make a speech to a vulnerable country. I cried tears of joy, as I looked around me, and all of my Gay friends, who were sitting right by my side, had so much love and hope in their eyes, and at the same time, so much pain for what they have been through. I really felt for all of them. Obama was all they had left. Ohhhh how much did we all campaign and root for our future President to be just that, PRESIDENT OBAMA! We all rallied together and cheered ‘YES WE CAN!’ I will never forget that night.

However, let’s fast forward and get back to what’s going on today. What upsets me the MOST, is that half of these people who are so angry at me for voicing my opinions on this situation, should first of all, take a good look in the mirror before lashing out. Half of these people would not even have the FREEDOM to be FREE and live with EQUAL RIGHTS, had many people and generations before us hadn’t fought SO LONG and SO HARD for EQUAL RIGHTS back in the 50’s! I take that back, it was not only happening the 50’s, but throughout history! So it saddens me that people are not only lashing out at me for once again, pointing out a general fact/opinion, but also calling me a ‘racist?’ On what terms am I racist? I too am second-class! I too, am of ethnic background, and I too, am a minority! So trust me when i say, I am far from racist. Let’s not get all crazy here and start being bigoted hypocrites!

Today we have come to face yet another battle in the house of ‘EQUALITY’ which has now led us to this moment. Gay people are just that. We are PEOPLE! If we have fought so long and hard for Freedom and Equality, why should the Gays be treated any different than any other person????? Battle with me all you want. It will not change my mind, and will only prove further to me how closed minded YOU are for trying to point out reasons why it is bad to let Gays marry whomever they love! Have you ever thought that your excuses sound exactly the same as why people back then used to make up excuses as to why Blacks had to sit at the back of the bus? or why there were segregated water fountains? Keep the excuses coming because at the end of the day, it will re

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